Become a Broker

Become a Business Broker

Have you ever considered becoming a real Business Broker?

Maybe you are a realtor and want to add this service to your business and you want to do it the right way.
Maybe you have owned your own business and know you can help others because you understand the challenges.
Maybe you love the idea and excitement of being involved in bigger deals and sales where you can be the key to making it all happen.
Or maybe you are just looking for another option to add on to or replace what you are doing now.

Whatever your reason is, becoming a Business Broker is a very real option for you and as one of our core business functions we train and develop brokers. Obviously we aren’t the only Business Broker around the country, and we definitely aren’t the largest.

Clients and other professionals have told us that they see our position as unique for 2 major reasons:

1. We have more experience in running businesses outside of the business brokerage.
2. We provide so much more for our brokers vs just letting them get started, charging them a few and saying “good luck!”

To us the position is mutually beneficial. We help brokers by sharing our experience and systems with them and they help us impact more of the communities and professionals we arehere to serve.

Some say we are rocking the boat in the industry by how we do business. And we say if someone falls out of the boat when we rock it, then maybe they didn’t belong in the first place.

Old school methods and underserving brokers and clients is NOT out mode of operation. Me make serious investments in our people, and in return we want to work alongside those who are serious about making things happen as a Business Broker.

Area Developers

In addition to having Business Broker opportunities, we have also created a business model where you can partner with us as an Area Developer.

This is a true business partnership with equity and ownership of one of the “Areas” around the United States. This also provides the opportunity to have additional Business Brokers contracted with you to develop and scale the business. This level has additional considerations and profit streams for the right person who wants to not only be a Business Broker with NCBA but join us in leading and growing as our business partner.

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