Business Buyers

Business Buyers

Buyers are often concerned with wasting time, or getting the run around from someone who doesn't have their best interest in mind.

At No Coast, we work with serious buyers and sellers, and as part of the process expect and ensure that everyone involved moves forward with their due diligence in a timely manner. This is simply an issue of respect.

And this ensures we don't waste buyer or seller time.

During our process, on the BUYER side, we will NOT ask you for any upfront fee or deposit for the following…
  • To view the business overview and profile
  • To tour the business at a scheduled time with us and our client (seller)
  • To view the business financials, cash flow analysis or financial due diligence

  • So there is no obligation for a buyer in taking these three steps once we have received the Buyer Profile and Non-Disclosure Agreement. And we don't pressure you in our process because we know that pressure creates fear and we simply don't have a need for that in a transaction that is so important to everyone's long term success.

    Buyers enjoy working with No Coast because our brokers work hard to make things easier throughout the entire process.
    As part of this, here are a some key points that allow buyers to count on No Coast:
  • Full Disclosure meaning we can PROVE all facts or financial data represented on any business we list or work with.
  • We have an exclusive agreement with the seller so buyers get single point of contact and all communication goes through us.
  • As part of a commitment to security and confidentiality, we do not provide proprietary information (customer names, employee names, trade secrets).
  • We keep the process as streamlined and straightforward as possible to avoid busy-work.

  • Once a Buyer Packet is completed and returned to us:
  • We will provide you a basic business profile on this business
  • We will arrange for a tour of the business and meeting with the owner
  • We will provide you a full financial and information disclosure
  • We will expedite your due diligence request for further information within 3 days
  • We will discuss your interest level and the offer process (no pressure)

  • We can also provide buyer financing on most businesses listed for $50,000 and up however we cannot arrange for financing until after an offer has been accepted.

    Finally keep in mind that we also provide business buyer services such as

  • Business Market Valuations on businesses you are considering not represented by us
  • Business Buyer representation where you can hire us to represent you in a transaction
  • Business Buyer Brokering where you hire us to target businesses right to the closing

  • When you are looking to buy a business, smart professionals use a Business Broker to represent their interests. The business owner or seller is going to have professionals on their side including a broker, CPA, attorney, advisors and others. So why would you jump in the ring with the deck stacked against you and every other person involved is not there to represent your best interests.

  • Is the business REALLY worth what they claim it is?

  • Are there hidden dangers or liabilities in the business?

  • What are the best financing options?

  • How can I structure the offer to protect myself and give me a way out before closing if things don’t go right?

  • What legal documents need to be executed properly?

  • How can I get the best deal?

  • These are all questions that are rightfully on the minds of a business Buyer.
    Using a great Business Broker is a great way to level the playing field and get things done the right way to protect your investment and purchase instead of just hoping all the people on the other side of the table don’t take advantage of you.

    And the Business Broker usually ends up being a FREE service to you!

    What that really means is that the Seller ends up paying the fee.
    Here’s how it works:

    1. You will find that great Business Brokers generally require a deposit(s) or fee(s) up front to ensure that all the work they put in will not be wasted on tire kickers and people who are not serious about buying.

    2. And then this deposit is applied and reconciled at closing where the Seller generally ends up taking care of the Business Broker’s fee and the Buyer’s deposit is cashed out to them at the closing.

    3. So the only way a Buyer loses out on their deposit is if they waste everyone’s time and aren’t really going to buy. Since that’s not the case with serious professionals, this process ends up being a very easy way to ensure everyone gets what they need!

    Are there some business brokers desperate enough to just take on any and all potential buyers and not require a deposit up front? YES! And Buyers generally become very frustrated with their process and lack of results. Great Business Brokers don’t have time to take on “anyone and everyone” - they invest their time in the right people - and what that means to you is that they are less distracted by others and can be far more focused on your goals!

    To take the next steps, just request an appointment and we would be happy to connect and find out more about what kind of business(es) you are looking for and see if we are a good fit to help you make it happen!

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