Financing & Vendors

Financing & Vendors

Clients enjoy greater access to financing and additional vendor options through No Coast Business Advisors.

Business Financing

Here are just a few financing and lending options we offer for buying a business, existing businesses, and even Start Ups:

  • Operational Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • SBA loans
  • Alternative financing
  • Owner financing
  • Investor financing, partnership, and equity programs

So whether you are buying a business, starting a business, or growing your existing business, you will find that we have the access and relationships to give you options when you need money.

Working with SBA Preferred lenders, multiple banks, private lenders, financial brokers, alternative lending, and other sources of money allows our clients to have more options to get money when they need it - whether it’s next week or next year.

NCBA facilitates these relationships for clients as part of our overall services and we are happy to connect you within our professional network. Our lenders, investors, and bankers enjoy working with us because we help match clients that are the best fit for each option.


In addition to our financing relationships, you also have access to additional vendor relationships that we have developed through NCBA. We believe it’s part of our responsibility to bring these relationships to the table to serve and give our clients options vs. sending you out to find them on your own. And because they serve multiple NCBA clients we have a leveraged position where they are highly motivated to take care of you as part of maintaining the overall larger relationship.

One of our strongest strategic partners helps business owners get their credit scores up so they can qualify for the best loan programs and financing possible. Though there are plenty of total SCAM credit repair places out there, we have vetted and work with the right team that guarantees results through proven and ethical strategies to make it happen for you. So if your credit score is a little lower than you’d like it to be, we can help!

Besides the credit repair side of things we also have multiple relationships, vendors, services for areas such as the following:

  • Online Marketing and Lead Generation - SEO, SEM, GMB and lots of other acronyms that people get confused with, but instead of a bunch of hype and hand waving, this strategic partner provides the kind of service that focuses on what actually matters - trackable results.

  • Social Media - providing consistent engagement and growing your reach and authority on social media channels isn’t just an option these days, it’s a requirement - and our partnered providers can make your life easier by taking most of it off your plate.

  • Print Services - whether it’s brochures, flyers, books, or calendars having a solid print relationship can make a big difference.

  • Book Publishing and Best Selling Author Programs - want to stand out from your competition, establish incredible authority, and share your expertise? Getting a book done and becoming a best selling author is a big deal, and our partnered service can make it a reality for you.

  • Legal services (varies depending on the state) - sometimes clients just need an extra set of eyes from an attorney that has real business experience. We have connections to multiple attorneys that we can make available. This is not one of the pre paid type things but rather real relationships and pieces of our network and because of that the availability varies by state.

  • Accounting - whether it’s cleaning up your books, monthly reports, or planning strategically we have accounting experts who can help take care of it all fo you.

  • Self Direct IRA and Solo 401K programs - providing additional investment and tax saving options for professionals everywhere

  • Tax planning and structuring - to help avoid the big hit of the tax burden when you sell a business

  • Video services - videos to help market your business for sale, marketing in general, or even building training and systems vides

  • Consulting - some owners and entrepreneurs aren’t ready to sell yet or just want some help growing and scaling their business while not giving up all their time. And one of our sister companies provides precisely this kind of help through consulting, coaching, and access to masterminds with other professionals just like you.

  • Time Share Contract Cancellation - this may not sound business related, but we found that many business owners have gotten stuck with long term time share deals they want out of and so we researched and found the best in the country who can do it for you. Whatever our clients need, we get it for them because we are here to serve!

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