Business Sellers Services

Business Seller Services

Sellers love our process and skills that make your life easier while maximizing the sale of your business. There are few things that are as big of a deal as selling a business and it either goes right or wrong, there isn’t much in the middle.

If you get it right - it’s an incredibly rewarding experience that can benefit you, your family and everyone involved for years to come.

And if you get it wrong - it may be one of the most stressful, damaging, and regrettable ordeals you ever experience. And it may have repercussions that ripple for decades.

When it comes to selling your business here are a few questions and issues to consider:

When is the best time to sell my business and is my business ready to sell?

What is my business REALLY worth?

How can I confidentially market my business for sale without disrupting everything or causing problems for staff, vendors, clients and more?

How can I save on the taxes involved when I sell?

Why can’t a realtor get me the best deal?

What are the biggest mistakes I need to avoid?

If I use a Business Broker, how do I pick the right one?

Selling your business the RIGHT way requires specific experience, skills, tools and relationships. Too often someone tries to just wing it, assumes any realtor can help, or grinds away in the process to end up frustrated, disappointed, and making costly mistakes.

And these mistakes add up with each one costing an average of $135,000 and about 6 months of delays. This isn’t being overdramatic or an attempt to scare people. The data shows that with an average mainstreet business deal of $750,000 that the percentages and losses from mistakes equate to this loss of both time and money.

So who do you trust to help you with this process?

Do you decide that nobody knows your business like you so you should be the one to do it?

Though this is well intended, unless Business Brokering is what you do, then you are putting yourself at an automatic disadvantage by trying to sell on your own.

We don’t recommend business owners to do their own taxes, their own legal work, or their own dentistry (unless you are actually in one of these professions).


In the same manner, we don’t recommend that owners try to sell their business by themselves. Even if you don’t work with one of our Business Brokers - we HIGHLY recommend that you check out our special guide on how to pick out the right business broker and find someone to properly represent your interests.

Does using a business broker require an investment

Of course it does

And the good news is that the nationwide statistics show that a good Business Broker will help you earn (or save) more than double the investment required to work with them. No matter what you do with your money to invest, we think you would agree that doubling your investment (on average) on one transaction is a pretty good return on investment.

We’re here to help you with both nationwide reach and local expertise in multiple markets around the United States. And our process ensures confidentiality and security for your business while using advanced valuation and marketing tools to get the results you deserve!

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