Our Story

Our Story

Our names are Jeff Dousharm and Jethro Hopkins, and we own No Coast Business Advisors.
Our names are Jeff Dousharm and Jethro Hopkins, and we own No Coast Business Advisors. Though we own a Business Brokerage and love helping others buy and sell businesses, it wasn’t always this way. We each started as business owners ourselves outside of this incredible profession long before building a Business Brokerage.

In fact, between us, we continue to operate multiple businesses and investments. This is part of why we are passionate about helping others do the same - we are just like you. We have marketed, negotiated, bought and sold millions of dollars worth of our own businesses, and have gone on to help with millions more of client transactions too.

So when we share behind the scenes information, it’s not conjecture or theory. We’ve been there as the Buyer, as the Seller, and as the Business Broker. Just like you and many other business owners, we have fought the battles it takes to survive and grow businesses. We’ve been around the block more than a few times, earned the scars, and discovered the lessons that we now leverage in our own businesses and share with others. We know each role and each view on how to maximize your position - and what that means to you is that we can arm you with the tools and the skills you need to WIN.

About Jethro:

Jethro started his first business in 2008. Since that time he has grown businesses in professions and categories including:

  • Real estate
  • Commercial cleaning and service
  • Multiple locations of medically supervised weight loss and health programs
  • Health and wellness supplement retail
  • Small business consulting
  • Reiki programs
  • Medieval combat and weapons forging
  • and Business Brokering nationwide

Through the experience of merging multiple entities and assets into one of his businesses, Jethro became immersed in the details of brokering and the unique challenges that have to be worked through to achieve success. During his initial time in real estate and learning the agency laws, he discovered that many people seek to work around or completely disregard the boundaries and expectations of their roles in the process - all in the interest of making a quick buck or actually taking that buck from someone on the other side regardless of the ethics involved. And it is this experience and valuable eye opening that motivates Jethro in how he has built each business thereafter.

In professions with rampant problems and where it’s generally accepted that they mostly have bad reputations, Jethro has continually built teams and operations that defy these industry norms to bring a different level of service and expectations to his internal teams as well as his customers.

About Jeff:

Jeff Dousharm started his first business, in martial arts, in 1994 and still owns that original business. Since that time he has started or bought, and grown businesses in categories and professions including:

  • Martial arts academies in multiple states
  • Top martial arts and fitness franchisor in the country as recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Digital marketing and lead generation
  • Consulting, coaching, and masterminds
  • Managed services
  • Commercial real estate development and management
  • Residential investment, development, and management
  • Extreme obstacle racing
  • Personal safety and firearms training
  • Custom computer solutions
  • Engineering consulting
  • Marketing and sales application platforms
  • and Business Brokering nationwide

Jeff is a sought after speaker and best selling author in multiple areas who brings his experience beyond his academic degrees in both engineering and organizational leadership. And though Jeff’s accolades, awards, and accomplishments are meaningful in their own right, he is often respected more for what he’s been through and what he’s done despite these challenges. More of his personal story can be read in other books and publications, but Jeff has been told on multiple occasions that he was not expected to live.

After being a terrible micromanager in his first business, Jeff discovered that his stress, personal losses, and lifestyle was driving his health into the ground. Facing challenges with a medical condition called Ulcerative Colitis, he eventually reaches the point where cell dysplasia sets in and is turning toward cancer. And in the very abbreviated version of his life events - multiple surgeries, complications, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, and trips to Mayo Clinic later Jeff is able to now look back at the times where his life was expected to come to an end yet he was able to make it through. This is the pivotal time in his life that changes how everything happens now in his businesses (hint: he’s no longer a micromanager) and how his approach has helped and continues to help so many others.

Whether he is speaking at universities, mastermind and conference events, organizations, or even with one on one with clients, Jeff is able to take some of the most complicated issues and break them down to actionable and relatable lessons. In each case, he helps people transform their business and personal life by using the “Lever” to dominate the competition without giving up their time (and sometimes the competition is simply all the things we allow into our lives). The Lever is a 3 part system that involves a focus on Time, Team and Tools. And elements of this system are incorporated into the core our book because the principals apply to many of the areas that NCBA works with clients on.
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Today, people often comment on how irrationally passionate our team is about helping people just like you to navigate the obstacles when it comes to buying and selling a business. And this is because we have seen what happens when good people have deals go bad. After all, this is one of the biggest transaction types anyone could be involved in, and you deserve to get it done RIGHT!

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